U-Core Capital's 5-Step Process

Investment Management & Comprehensive Financial Planning

Our 5-Step process to Living Richly strikes an authentic balance between Science and Art. Science represents a data-driven process to wealth management, while Art is the creative piece of customizing the plan that is unique to you.  The result is a marriage of high-level listening, data-driven direction, and creative execution that we hope will continue to strengthen as our relationship grows over time.  

1. Discovery

Our process begins with listening to you. During this phase, we discover who you are and what you want to achieve. We will gather data, discuss what money means to you, and help you prioritize your goals. We will also outline the scope of our engagement in this phase.

2. Analyze 

The next step is to identify the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats your current financial outlook faces. We will analyze your goals and concerns to create a roadmap for success.  In addition, we will prepare a sophisticated, data-driven analysis of your investment holdings.

3. Creation

After our deep analysis we will create and present a customized and integrated wealth management solution to you. This will include our analysis and rationale of your investment portfolio in tandem with a comprehensive financial planning roadmap.

4. Implementation

We will present and deliver our analysis and rationale of your investment portfolio and your comprehensive financial plan at this stage.  With your final input, we will coordinate and execute a harmonious relationship with your comprehensive financial plan, updated investment portfolio, and major life milestones.

5. Refinement

In this final step of our process, we will determine the frequency of engagement, either yearly, semi-annually, or quarterly, to continuously collaborate on your strategy for changing markets, life events, and priorities.  

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